Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Posted on 07.8.14

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: Variable
  • Tools: Variable


There’s a small sad truth in home design–the older your home, the more smaller your bathroom will be. Unless of course, you’ve done some remodeling.

So the challenge is, how do you make your bathroom look and feel bigger? Below you’ll find small bathroom remodel ideas for those who are big on ambition but perhaps not so big on budget.

Let the natural light in.

Do you have a window? Then make sure your curtains and window let in the light! And when you’re considering what color to paint the walls, remember that lighter shades will visually expand the space. (Though we have to admit we are always fond of the bright accent wall.)

Add more light.

A small bathroom is just the place for a solar tube that lets light shine in whether or not you have windows! This is one of our favorite small bathroom decorating ideas! You can also add focused lighting on shower and sink areas.

Think about the lines of the room.

Vertical lines of wallpaper can add height to a small space. If you have tile on the floor, make sure it runs in long, unbroken lines. If you have tile on the walls, it should run straight up and down.

Listen to fashion stylists.

Fashionistas tell us that wearing one color head to toe will make people look taller. Painting your cabinets almost the same color as your wall will create the image of a more spacious room. You can always add color with accessories to avoid the sterile look of a hospital room.

Think simple.

Successful small bathroom décormeans choosing accessories carefully. You don’t need to display your entire seashell collection on shelves in your beach-themed bathroom. A single, large conch shell will have a greater visual impact and help avoid a cluttered look.