Eclectic Door Hardware

An eclectic home style embodies who you are as a person, mixing and matching elements from all regions and time periods to create a singular home aesthetic that feels inviting, comfortable, and unique. Eclectic door hardware, including knobs, levers, and more, offers timeless accent pieces that bring out even more color and character in your home.

At Unhinge, you’ll find a diverse array of art deco door hardware from some of the most trusted brands in the home improvement industry. That means durable products made from quality, rugged parts and materials. Furthermore, all our products come at a guaranteed low price for added savings on your home project. We offer free same-day shipping on all orders over $100. If you want even more inspiration along with some exclusive deals, sign up for our newsletter. Have a question? Send us a message through our live online chat system or give us a call. Shop now and save on fancy hardware to bring out the most in your home.