Make a Statement: 7 Easy Ways to Make an Impact

Posted on 07.9.14

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: 3 to 5 Hours
  • Tools: Hammer, Screwdriver, Painting Supplies


Suffer from a case of eclectic style syndrome? Do you find yourself wanting to redecorate every season? Here are 7 easy home decor ideas that make it feel like you have a brand new space.

Change it up with throw pillows.

Head out and pick up a couple small pillows in bold patterns and cool fabrics. Mix up textures and styles for a funky boho look, or keep it modern in bold colors paired with strong neutrals. Pillows are easy to store and you can change them up every few months for a fresh feel

Cast a new light with lampshades.

Got a couple lamps collecting dust in storage? Time to reshade them! Pick up new lampshades at almost any retailer with a home goods section or get really crafty and make some of your own. Lighting often transforms a room on its own and when you add your own personal touches, it definitely sets the mood.

Reflect new change with mirrors.

It’s no secret that mirrors make a room seem bigger, but what many people don’t know is how they can enhance lighting as well. Placing a large mirror directly across from a window can create a bright, natural feeling while smaller mirrors placed under candles or lamps add a warm, romantic atmosphere.

Make your home a work of art.

While it may sound a bit obvious, unique art can enhance a space instantly! Shy away from popular pieces and opt for unique prints or, if you’re an artsy type, hang some of your own prints and feel great whenever anyone asks who did them. For a gallery-style look, group pieces with similar colors or frame them in a neutral color.

Add some color.

Repainting a whole room can sound like a huge chore, but a can of paint and couple spare hours on a Saturday can produce a great accent wall that sets the tone for your room. We simply can’t suggest any other easy home decorating ideas that give you such fast results. You could also opt to make a statement with a thrift store find, painted with a high-gloss finish. Paint doesn’t always have to be a pain!

Open a window to new look.

A new set of drapes is a great way to add drama to a large space. Find a texture you love and go for an elegant, floor to ceiling look, or pick a fun pattern and a shorter length for a country cottage style.

Look up with shelving.

Hang a few free floating shelves and fill them with knickknacks, art pieces, photos or antique books. Talk about easy décor ideas! When you get tired of looking at the same stuff, change it up! Or, go for a seasonal appeal–flowers and fruit in the spring, faux snow and lights for the holidays.