Make an Entrance: How Hardware Can Change A Door

Posted on 07.9.14

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 1 Hour
  • Tools: Screwdriver, Allen Wrench/Hex Key


In most forms of design, the details are what really pull a look together. Whether restoring damaged parts, or switching out dated pieces for a fresh look, below you’ll find some door decorating ideas that are effective and low cost ways to update your home.

Clean them up.

In some cases, a simple cleaning will do just the trick to make old doors look new. If you like the look of your current hardware, there are easy ways to shine up almost any doorknob or handle. For stainless steel or glass, a simple warm water and soap mixture applied with a nylon brush will bring back the sparkle it once had. If you’ve invested in heavy brass details, you’ll want a good, commercial polish to shine them up. Clean, polished hardware will always trump a dirty, dingy doorknob—the first step in door décor.

Change the shape.

If you’re looking for a more permanent fix, changing the shape of your door handles can take your door from vintage to modern. Some people might ask what door knobs are in style, but the real trick is to find something you love. If you’re looking to bring a more up-to-date look to your room, a door lever has a much sleeker feel than a door knob or a handleset, plus the added benefit of being much easier to use. Keep in mind that door knobs and door levers are much more common for indoor hardware, while large handlesets are best for front doors. (Unless you’re crafting the entrance to your grand ballroom a la Captain Von Trapp.)

Get to the finish.

Want to get everyone asking about what’s different in your home? Change up the finish on all your hardware. A simple change from polished brass to stainless steel is one of the most subtle details you can alter in your home, yet still accomplish a whole new look. Hardware is available in any color you can imagine these days, from matte black to polished chrome. While some finishes may run pricier than others, don’t let that stop you from tracking down one of the many killer deals available online to get exactly the style you want.

Overall, a small change in hardware can go a long way to transforming a space. With the right door knob style, you can easily go from Secret Garden to Manhattan loft and anywhere in between. Mix up styles and finishes to get a look that you love and get people asking what you’ve done with the place!