Understanding The Different Types Of Door Handle Sets & Knobs

Posted on 03.12.15

Which type of door handle fits your lifestyle?

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 1-2 Hours
  • Tools: Screwdriver

Have you ever found yourself stranded outside of your own home because your door knob suddenly decided to call it quits?

If so, don’t get mad – get even, by upgrading to a new set of door handles you can rely on.

In this quick guide we’ll give you the pros and cons on the different types of door knobs on the market so you can decide what suites your lifestyle best.

Let’s look at the options for your front door. Hardware types include round door knobs, levers, door handle sets and deadbolts.

Round Door Knobs

ORBIT-nickel1The best thing about this type of door hardware is that children and pets have a hard time opening the door. This can also be a disadvantage for some, as arthritis sufferers find them less than ideal. Also, if you’re switching from a lever handle to a door knob, keep in mind that every house is different and sometimes installing a round door knob can cause you to scrape your knuckles on the door frame as you push the door open. So do a quick check to see if that’s the case. Because nobody wants that to happen!

Installation tip: When you’re ready to install or remove your door knob, you first need to take apart the door knob assembly. To do that, look for a small hole or slot at the base of the interior side handle. Then use the end of a paperclip or a flathead screwdriver, whichever fits better, and release the detent mechanism inside the handle. Only then will you be able to slide the knob free and continue with your work.

Decorative Door Levers

ACCENT-Aged-BronzeDecorative door levers are a lot easier to use than regular door knobs. They add a touch of elegance to any home. And they’re reversible for right and left side doors (though you’ll have to pay special attention to symmetry when ordering for French doors). One drawback, however, is they’re not as practical for hallways or other locations where you might snag your clothing as you walk past. Also consider that, among all the types of door hardware, this is the easiest for children to break. So aim for the higher quality door levers the first time and save yourself the expense of repair or replacement in the future.

Door Handle Sets

Sandcast_TerracinaHS_Pewter_Print-360x36011Estates, manors and mansions all rely on door handle sets for a few simple reasons. They add a dignified look and a certain sense of quality to any door. And beyond esthetic appeal, handle sets are also the most long-lasting because they operate with a thumb lever, which doesn’t suffer from nearly as much wear and tear. The only point that could be a downside for some is that you’ll have to drill a hole where the bottom of the handle set attaches. But that shouldn’t be any problem for a seasoned ‘do-it-yourselfer’ such as yourself!

Note: One thing to make sure of before you buy, however, is that the distance from the top deadbolt hole to the hole for the bottom latch are going to match up with your new hardware. Even this is standardized, you never know with older doors. So it’s better to measure so you can buy with confidence. It would be a shame if spacing was even half an inch off!

Wrapping up

Yes, there are a lot of different types of door knobs and front door handles to choose from. Some are basic and modern… some are easier to use… and others add a regal flair… But whatever you chose, there are always pros and cons to every design, little things to look out for and other little tips that’ll make your door hardware installation a snap.

We hope we’ve helped you with a few of those pointers here. But remember, if you have further questions, just send us an email and we’ll make sure to get back to you with the answers you need as soon as we can!