5 Ways to Easily Refresh Your Entryway

Posted on 07.10.15

The entryway or foyer is the first place your family and guests see in your home—yet somehow, we often overlook this heavily-trafficked area. It becomes a place for dirty shoes, wet raincoats, and book-bags, all strewn across the floor. Here are some entryway design ideas ways to spruce up your foyer—none of which take more than a day!

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 1-5 Hours
  • Tools: Variable


Chalkboard Wall

One of the easiest ways to revamp a space is simply to change your wall décor. Paint one entryway wall with chalkboard or dry erase paint, and you not only get a new look, but a functional surface as well! Leave notes to family members, or let the kids color a picture of the whole family—either way, your wall will definitely catch guests’ attention!


Wall Décor

Not feeling like such a permanent change? Hanging some wall décor is easy and extremely effective when done right! Channel these stylish homes with some corresponding framed images—try a multiple in neutral colors or just 1-3 with bright pops of color! For smaller rooms, hang mirrors on opposite walls to make your space appear much larger! You can even hang old wallpaper or fabric scraps in corresponding colors to your images. Check out IKEA for inexpensive, but modern framing supplies!


Shoe Storage

One thing a lot of entry spaces have in common is the need for shoe storage, especially during rainy or snowy times. There are many options you can make yourself, but our favorite is the rolling shoe basket shown below! This would be so simple to DIY with a metal basket and some wheel casters, and is the perfect storage solution for slushy shoes. The metal helps ventilate, and the wheels ensure that you can tuck the shoes away when not in use.


Hang it Up

One of the best options for entryway storage is to simply hang hooks of any kind—whether it be antlers, a hall tree, or just your basic rack of hooks. We love how this decorator chose coordinating knobs of all shapes and hung them at varying levels for all the family members. Check out all of Unhinge’s knobs, hooks and handles as great places for book-bags, coats, and umbrellas!

Pro tip: get some new Unhinge door hardware to match your hooks for a cohesive look your guests will definitely notice!


Tile Flooring

This one is a little more ambitious, but for a small entryway space, it’s very DIY-able. This is a great way to add functionality to your space too—those slushy shoes we mentioned, as well as any dirt or leaves can be easily cleaned off of a tile floor. The best part about this idea is that there are so many options for all budgets and designs, from vinyl, laminate, tile and even faux wood finishes. This one could even add value to your home upon resell.


Wrapping Up

There are thousands of different ways to spruce up your entryway, but we’ve provided a couple quick and easy front entryway ideas to provide ultimate wow factor. If you’re looking to change up your front door as well check out our blog post, 10 Ways to Make Your Door Unique and Stand Out for some fun ideas. Your new entryway will catch your guests’ attention from the moment they turn the knob!