How To Squeeze More Storage Into A Bathroom

Posted on 07.8.14

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: 1 to 3 hours
  • Tools: Hammer, Screwdriver


Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the home, yet are the scene of many activities—from showering to putting on makeup. Chances are, you are short on storage. Here are a few small bathroom storage ideas that might help add a little order to the hardest working room in the house.

Add a floating shelf.

Add a glass shelf that appears to magically float above the sink to hold those essentials: tooth brushing paraphernalia, hand soap and moisturizer.

Go vertical.

So while you’re sitting on the toilet, look above you. The space above your toilet has room for a small cabinet. You can find them in a variety of finishes inexpensively at home improvement stores.

Capture the clutter.

Use jars and baskets to contain your bath and beauty supplies on your shelves. You can coral all the bottles of your skincare regimen on your countertop by placing them all in a wire basket to add order. Jars provide a stylish storage solution for cotton balls and Q-tips.

The inside storage story.

You can always take a tip from closet specialists and add a little caddy on the inside your cabinet door to keep some of those renegade beauty supplies in line.

Open shelves and baskets.

So you don’t have any money to add cabinets? Open shelving can add storage for small bathrooms. Fill your shelves with baskets of a single color for a cohesive look to store your towels, soap, toilet paper and more. It’s convenient storage with color impact!

Make it a day at the beach.

Do you trip in the middle of the night over your toddlers’ bath toys that are scattered about the floor? Get a big plastic beach tote to toss the toys into so they can dry and stay neat.

Remember the top of the toilet.

This is some valuable real estate. It’s a convenient place to put a basket stocked with extra toilet paper or towels.

Claim your corners.

If you have an empty corner, triangle shelving can offer floor to ceiling storage space in exchange for a few inches of floor space. This is one of our favorite storage ideas for small bathrooms!