Lock Functions

Posted on 07.16.15

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Having a hard time identifying the correct lock function you need? Here’s a handy guide:

Entrance Function: 

Entrance locks require a key to be unlocked from the outside and are locked from within by a turn knob or button. A Entrance lock would be best used on a exterior door such as a entry door where locking is required with a key.



Privacy Function

Privacy locks also have the ability to lock but they can only be unlocked from within by a turn knob or button. Privacy locks would be commonly used on bathroom or bedroom doors where locking is required from the inside.


Passage Function 

Passage locks always remain unlocked and have no locking ability. Passage locks are best suited for hallway doors or anywhere locking is not required.


Dummy Function

Dummy locks are single-sided and surface mounted only. They have no locking function nor are they able to turn. A dummy lock would best be used on a closet or pantry door.


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