Determining Door Handing for Door Locksets

Posted on 10.15.14

Great news! Most of our door levers are universal handed. What we mean by that is most of our door levers can be applied to both left AND right handed doors. However, for our door levers that aren’t universal just use these 4 easy steps to determine your door handing:

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 10 Minutes
  • Tools: None

left-door-handingStep 1: Be on the outside


For exterior doors: Face the door from the outside. Or in other words, stand on the side where you would insert a key if it’s a locking door.


For interior doors: Stand on the side of the door you would enter from. For instance, stand in the hallway if the door opens to a bedroom.


Step 2: Know your swing


Now open the door. Does the door swing inward or outward? Remember the swing as it will be important for the final step!


right-door-handingStep 3: Locate your hinges


Next, still standing from the outside locate which side of the door the hinges are on. Left or right?


Step 4: Choose your side


Finally, use this quick and easy chart to determine your door handing:


Door Swing Hinge Location Your Door Handing

(Door Locksets)

Inward Left Left-handed
Inward Right Right-handed
Outward Left Left-handed
Outward Right Right-handed


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