Front door mat ideas: How do you say hello?

Posted on 10.10.14

A welcome mat is like the cover of a book. It gives a glimpse of what you can expect inside a home.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: Under 1 Hour
  • Tools: None

A doormat also provides you with an opportunity to add a personal touch to your front porch with a splash of color and pattern.

Besides being décor items, doormats provide a very practical purpose. They help limit dirt from being tracked inside the house. To be effective, a mat should be longer than the average stride, so guests are literally walking on the mat, and leaving dirt on the outside of the home.


Keeping cleanup easy.

Doormats can be made of wool or acrylic or plastic—any material that can hold up to high traffic. If you live in a wet or muddy area, keep a wire rack nearby so family members can scrape mud from their feet before entering. For most mats, you can simply shake them out or hose them off.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite doormats that are as cool as they are unique.


The personalized Hollywood Star

Guests may think they’re walking down the red carpet instead of your front porch. The mat can be personalized with your name.




Hello is it me

This eco-friendly mat made from coconut fiber asks a friendly question from one of our favorite singers.




A pirate mat

Arg! Walk the plank! Another eco-friendly mat made from coconut fiber invites all with a pirate’s sense of hospitality.




Go nautical

Yards of robe are fashioned into a nautical knot for a stylish yet sturdy doormat.




Show your school colors

If you live and die for your alma mater, by all means let everyone know before they take a step inside your home.




Maine float rope mat

Float-rope is used by lobstermen to tether multiple traps together on the ocean floor. Float-rope is recycled to form these beautiful door mat rugs handmade in Maine.




Little groovy bird

It’s another eco-friendly coconut fiber mat. This time with a cheerful bird and happy stripes. The texture is a great dirt trapper, promising to keep dirt out of your house.