Finding the Perfect Door Knobs for Your Home

Posted on 05.19.15

Are you looking to replace your door hardware set? Learn about what to know when shopping & how to buy the right door hardware today.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 1-2 Hours
  • Tools: None

collection-big-l-templateAt Unhinge we believe you can never be too prepared. That’s why we have compiled an easy guide on how to find the best door knobs. The door leads the way into the home, so here is your chance to make it count!

First, start with the basics. Before you buy any hardware be sure and measure out the dimensions of the door you’re shopping for. Measure the backset, bore hole, cross bore and door thickness.

  • Backset is the length from the center of the borehole to the edge of the door. The most common lengths are 2-⅜-inch and 2-¾-inch.  This is important for knowing the measure of the door latch you need.
  • Bore Hole and Cross Bore: Standard size is 21/8 Bore hole with 1” cross bore.
  • Door Thickness: Standard doors are 1-⅜” – 1-¾” thick.
  • Unhinge tip: Almost all of our latches are adjustable between the standard sizes. If your door does not accommodate the standard sizes we will be sure to take care of that during the purchasing process.

The next thing to consider is what type of latch to buy. There are three different types of latches to choose from:

  1. Drive-In Latch
  2. Rounded corner faceplate latch
  3. Square corner faceplate latch

Check out our handy buying guide to learn more about each type of latch.

Now for the fun part, selecting your door knobs. The first thing should consider is the difference between styles depending on if the door is exterior or interior. Typically exterior doors, those leading outside or from the garage to the house, have a key knob or knob with a key code attached.

Interior door hardware shopping tips:

  • Hall or closet doors usually do not lock
  • Bedroom and bathroom door knobs will typically lock, but not with a key hole lock. These often have the turn button or the push-in pin hole to lock from only the inside.

Although the process can get a little technical it’s important to remember that it is the little details that help turn your house into a home. Hopefully these tips will help narrow down the search as you look for perfect door knobs.