10 Ways To Make Your Door Unique & Stand Out

Posted on 04.18.15

What does your front door say about you? -10 front door designs for a lasting impression-

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 1-2 Hours
  • Tools: Variable

Front doorAs a homeowner, your entrance makes a big impression on your guests.

But, as they park their car and walk up to your house for the first time, what are they really thinking?

Here are 10 design elements that speak volumes about what your dinner guests expect to find when they step inside.


  1. Crown molding – Mansions and sprawling estates have used crown molding to add a certain stately touch for centuries. That’s why, when you add this simple accent to your weekend’s DIY-list, your guests will also get the impression that ‘this house belongs to somebody important’.


  1. Lead glass/ stained glass – Just like bringing out your finest China at the dinner table, adding lead crystal or stained glass windows to your front door shows you’ve got refined tastes… and that you know how to welcome your guests with the best of the best.


  1. Artwork – Do you have a special sense of esthetic beauty? Then show it by working with one of your local artisans to add a special artistic touch to your front door. Whether you add inlaid mother of pearl, or a carved wood motif, your guests are guaranteed to stop and admire.


  1. Unique color – Remember, your front door has a personality all its own. And when you pick a color that’s different from the rest of your house, that’s what you’re saying about yourself as well.


  1. Plants – If you’ve got an attentive, nurturing soul, there’s no better way to show it than with a bed of well-groomed flowers leading up your walkway. Your guests will compliment you on all your vibrant blossoms as you greet them at the door. And, as an added benefit, if you plant jasmine, lavender or spring dahlias, the scents will fill your house, making for a truly relaxing evening.


  1. Signs – Would you ever forget to greet your guests with a friendly ‘hello’? Of course not! And neither should your home. Because a simple ‘Welcome’ sign is more than a salutation. It shows your guests that you truly welcome their company (because you’re such an open and friendly person.)


  1. Unique door architecture – Prove you’re a person with vision by taking a more architectural approach to your entrance. Add a raised awning… a window over your doorway… or redesign your front steps. These aren’t just accents; they show your guests that you’ve got big ambitions and the commitment it takes to turn your plans into reality.


  1. Large landing – Not every home is lucky enough to have a large landing in front of its doorway. That’s why the ones that do tend to stand out in a special way, inviting passersby to ‘stay for a while and have a chat’. Not only does this make your home look a lot friendlier, but sitting out front in the sun with a good book is one of the great, simple pleasures in life.


  1. Knickknacks – While it might be a little over-the-top to decorate your entire entrance with a collection of dwarves from Disney’s Sleeping beauty, a few, well-chosen knickknacks can reveal the whimsical, humorous side of your personality. The key here is to make sure everything is well organized and clean. As long as your display looks intentional, your guests will know these things hold extra special meaning to you, and you’re inviting them to share in your delight.


  1. Lighting – After dinner, drinks and a great time have been had by all, everyone is standing in the doorway bidding each other farewell with a smile. In that moment, the lighting around your doorway is all-important. Because, if it’s just as bright and warm as your guests’ memories of the evening, then they’ll leave that night with an impression, not soon to be forgotten.

Some people never think about their front door. They stick with contractor colors and whatever design the house came with… which is unfortunate, because your front door is really one of the easiest and least expensive ways for you to improve your home’s appearance and perceived value.

In this article, we’ve touched on 10 of the most common doorway improvement options you can choose from to add style and value to your home.

     But what about you?

Which one do you think would best project your personality?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!